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What happens after I book my session online?

I love being able to provide my clients with an easy, no hassle online booking experience! Online booking makes it easy for you to give me the information I will need, read and sign my contract and pay the retainer fee of $100.00 (plus NC State sales tax). After I've received a notification that this has been completed, I will respond by e-mail within two (2) business days to confirm a date, time and location and answer any questions you may have included in the form. I will also then send out a final invoice which will need to be paid by the day you're set to arrive in the Outer Banks.


What does the package price include?

After you schedule your preferred time and date with us, we meet you at your preferred location and spend about an hour with your family on the beach. We will usually start with the whole family together and then break down into individual families, followed by couples and kids - or vice versa depending on the comfort level of the kiddos.

Make sure you tell us if you have any special requests! We will happily oblige!

After our session, you are going to want to keep an eye on our Facebook Page for a few of our favorites! You can expect a link to your secured on-line gallery to arrive by e-mail in around 2 weeks and a customized USB flash drive of high resolution images by mail in around 4 weeks.


Will there be more pictures on the flash drive than

in the on-line gallery?

No. The on-line gallery will contain the same final images that you will receive on your flash drive. We give you both because we understand the importance of being able to show off pictures of the people you love! The on-line gallery allows you to share your images on social media sites and also allows for access to our professional printing company for print reproduction.


Can I order prints?

Yes! Absolutely! The process will be very simple through the on-line gallery. Please e-mail us or call us if you have any problems completing an order.


Will my on-line gallery last forever?

Unfortunately, no. I pay a fee for my gallery hosting and so eventually the space runs out or I will have to move to a higher priced tier. Because of space and to keep costs at a minimum, I keep galleries on-line for approximately one year. However, I do keep your files backed up in my office for many years and you may always contact me if you have lost access to your images.


What time is usually best for beach portraits?

Ahhh! Technical question. Well, the light on the beach during the day is very harsh and causes some issues with squinty eyes and shadows. We want your portraits to really be their best so we suggest to shoot for the evening hours between 6:30 and 7:30pm.


What happens if it rains?

Outer Banks weather can be tricky and we suggest that you schedule your session earlier in the week to allow for a schedule change if the weather gets the best of us! As locals, we understand better than anybody that rainy days on The Banks happen... so we do our best to move things around to make sure we can still accommodate you. If we are absolutely unable to shoot due to weather, I offer a full refund.


Oh no, it's going to be windy?!

Bobby pins! There's really nothing we can do to save your hair from the wind. We will try to position you so that you may look like a wind swept beach babe but you can help by pinning the front of your hair back away from your face if it's long!


We are staying oceanfront. Will you just come to our house?

Absolutely! We would prefer it! If you wanted, we could even take your portraits INSIDE of your beach house! (Another great option for rainy days!)


What should we wear??

Oh yes, what should you wear. Well, wear anything you want! We want you to be yourselves when you see us! A lot of families do choose to wear neutral colors like white and khaki or white and blue jeans. Some white is okay but it does tend to soak up the sunlight and reflect it off of your face. We find that blues and greens tend to be the best colors next to the ocean. Orange, browns and tans also work nicely. Reds and pinks may cause your skin to reflect the color. Match each other but no twinsies. Unless, of course, you are twins and then it's okay!


We are bringing our pups to the beach. Can they be in the pictures?

Of course! They are part of the family too, aren't they? We, at POBX, love furry friends. Just please make sure they are on a leash and ready to sit pretty for us! Well behaved pups have definitely earned the honor to be included in the family picture!


We are a large group with multiple families. Are additional flash drives available?

Yes! Additional flash drives are available upon request. They are $25.00 each plus North Carolina sales tax.



You have questions? I have answers!

Baby turned 1 year old on vacation in Corolla, North Carolina in the Outer Banks
Cute family portrait session at the Whalehead Club in Corolla, North Carolina in the Outer Banks
Adorable family on a lifeguard chair in Corolla, North Carolina on vacation in the Outer Banks

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